The 31st Engineer Battalion Association was originally formed in 2009 to reunite 31st Engineer Battalion (Combat) Veterans and has since expanded to include any soldier/family from the 31st Engineer Battalion.

John Frye, 31st Engineer Battalion (Combat) Vietnam, 1968-69
John Frye, 31st Engineer Battalion (Army)(Combat) Vietnam, 1968-69, co-founder of the Association

In 2007, Major (Retired) John Frye had the idea to reconnect with his 31st Engineer Battalion (Combat) brothers. He spent many months researching and tracking down fellow Vietnam Veterans.  After nearly 2 years of research, phone calls and emails, Frye had assembled a large roster of names.  He then invited the soldiers he’d found to a reunion in Memphis, Tennessee in 2009. The rekindling of brotherhood was so powerful, that those attending the event determined they should meet again and immediately formed the Association to facilitate future events. Officers were elected, a planning team put into place, and reunions have been held every two years since 2009.

The mission of the Association is to connect with 31st veterans and to stay connected by providing an online forum for sharing stories and photos, and to promote fellowship by hosting reunions and special events.

The Association plans and organizes a reunion held every two years at a different location around the country. The reunions are great opportunities to experience once again the powerful bond of the 31st brotherhood, and a chance to forge new friendships.

Vets of the 31st Engineer Battalion (Combat) enjoy catching up at the 2011 reunion in Branson, MO
Vets of the 31st Engineer Battalion (Combat) enjoy catching up at the 2011 reunion in Branson, MO

We strongly encourage you to join us in reconnecting! Check out our reunions page for more information.

Curious who’s active in the Association? Check out our member list!

Do you have reunion photos and/or Vietnam photos you’d like to share? We’d like to feature them! Please contact the webmaster for instructions and if you have any questions/suggestions.

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