Fred And Gloria Webb’s Daughter Nancy Tells Story Of Her Parents’ Passing

  • Funeral Services for Fred and Gloria Webb
    Fred and Gloria Webb

    Dear Friends and Family,

    I apologize if I am catching anyone off guard by sharing this information.

    For those of you who might be getting this news for the first time, my parents (Fred and Gloria Webb) both passed away from Covid-19.

    On Dec 24th mom was taken to the ER by a very special friend (an angel and a hero to me and my brother), Janice Harvison.

    Mom tested positive for COVID and was already very sick with pneumonia, and she was immediately admitted to the hospital.  We knew that dad most likely had it too.  He went by ambulance to the hospital on Christmas Day (again with the help of Janice).

    Also on Christmas day, Ron travelled to Saraland to be there for Mom and Dad as soon as they got out of the hospital.

    For the first few days they shared a hospital room, and we were encouraged —as they sounded like they were making some improvement with the treatments.

    But Mom was having trouble remembering why she was there and the importance of keeping on her oxygen mask.  Dad would try to help her, but this meant taking off his mask so he could get her to hear him.  Every time either of them took off their mask their oxygen immediately dropped very low.

    They were moved to separate rooms in hopes that they would just focus on getting themselves better.

    But then Mom became agitated and combative about keeping on her oxygen mask.  And on January 6th she took a turn for the worse and they put her on the vent.

    Dad was very worried about Mom being put on the vent.  He wanted them to put her in his bed so he could hold the oxygen mask on her rather than putting her on the vent.  But she seemed to be tolerating the vent ok and we were hopeful that it would help her.

    The hospital had started doing some rehab with Dad, and he seemed to be holding his own and at least not getting worse.

    On January 12th, my brother, Ron and I were in the middle of a Zoom call with a social worker at the hospital to discuss transitioning Dad to a nursing home for intermediate care when I got the call from the doctor that he had stopped breathing, they attempted to revive him but he did not survive.

    It was shattering!

    Then on the evening of January 14th the doctor called Ron to explain that Mom was in very bad condition and suffering.  He recommended that we take her off the ventilator.

    Since Ron was there and I was still in South Point, Ron went to the hospital to be there with Mom when they took her off the vent.  He was able to facetime with me so that I could also say goodbye to Mom.

    We were able to spend about an hour with Mom before they removed the ventilator, but she was not responsive.

    Once they removed the vent, it was just a few minutes before Mom joined Dad in heaven.

    I felt like I should explain what happened and I also wanted to share the link to the funeral.

    We know that there are many who would have travelled to the funeral if there wasn’t a pandemic raging around us, but we feel you must try to be safe — for we don’t want you to take any chances with your health and the health of those you love.

    The funeral is tomorrow at 2pm and visitation at 1pm at Slack and Wallace Funeral Home in South Point, OH.

    It will be live streamed and you can watch that with this link which will be activated at 2pm when the funeral begins:

    Here is the link for the live stream.

    If you miss it at 2pm, then you should still be able to watch a recording of the funeral later using the same link.

    Here is the link for the obituary and funeral home:–and—Gloria-Almeda-Virginia-Morrison-Webb?obId=19674013#/obituaryInfo

    Please take care and God Bless You!


    Nancy’s email address:  Mailing address is 102 Elm St., South Point, Ohio  45680. Phone 740-550-0800.

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