Last chance to book at special discounted rate for 2019 31st Engineer Battalion Reunion in Boston

Message from Executive Director, Louis Brown

Fellow 31st Combat Engineer Battalion Veterans:

First, thank you to all who have booked your rooms for the upcoming 2019 Reunion. Please bug your fellow 31st Vets who “haven’t gotten around to it yet”.

 For those of you planning to attend but “haven’t gotten around to it yet” you’re running out of time. You have until 3 September to book at the reunion discount rate!

After 3 September, you can still book, but it’s subject to availability and at the standard rates.

Call the Double Tree Hotel in Danvers, MA today!

Call the hotel directly (978) 777-2500

Be sure to tell the clerk that you’re with the 31st EBN Reunion.

Don’t forget $25.00 bi-annual Association Dues are due as well.

Make checks payable to 31st CBT ENGR BN ASSN

Mail checks to:        Warren DuBois

                                    906 W. Virginia Ave.

                                    Salem, MO 65560

 I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there.

 Wilson L. Brown, Executive Director, 31st Engineer Battalion Association

(508) 294-5869

Reunion 2019 Update – Change of Venue

To All Members of the 31st Combat Engineer Battalion Association:

At our last reunion in Colorado Springs, CO, you voted to hold our 2019 reunion in Williamsburg, VA. At that time, our fellow 31st EBN veteran Harley Brinkley volunteered to be the point man for the 2019 Williamsburg reunion. Before 2017 was out, Harley had already made considerable progress with preliminary planning. However, it is my sad duty to report that LTC (Ret) Harley Brinkley passed away on 7 January 2018. He will be sorely missed.

After a two-week search, the board was unable to locate anyone in the Williamsburg area who could take over as the all-important point man for Williamsburg. If past reunions have taught us anything, it is that “boots on the ground” are essential to a successful reunion.
That being the case, the board voted to move the 2019 reunion to the Boston, MA area. Boston was the #2 choice in the voting at our last reunion. We also have two members in the Boston area, who are already scouting a suitable venue for the 2019 reunion.

The Boston area is jam-packed with things to do and see from the church where the lanterns were hung to start Paul Revere on his famous ride, to battlefields in Boston proper and Lexington and Concord. If you’re into the American Revolution in the least degree, you’re gonna love it. Plus, the sea food is fantastic. The fall colors should be in full glory as well.

The current tentative reunion dates are October 4 through 7, 2019. Those dates are for preliminary planning purposes only and might slip back a week or two depending on what the Advance Team runs into.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Louis Brown
Executive Director, 31st EBN Assn.
(508) 294-5869

31st Engineer Battalion Association Brothers Who Have Passed Since 2015

31st Engineer Battalion (CBT)
Members, spouses, daughters, sons, families and friends of the 31st Engineer Battalion (Cbt) wish to remember the following loved ones who have passed since our last meeting in San Antonio, TX, October 2015.
Radmilo Batinic
Richard Cartwright, C Co Thomas Cooley
Doyle Dietsch, C Co
John Frye, HHC
Michael Gandolfo, B Co Keith Hiltner, A. Co
Rich Hopkins, C Co
Willa Dean Hoyle, B Co Michael J. Hurtt, B Co George Ingram, HHC Willie Lee
Ernie Meyers
Maurice Modisette, HHC Sam Pollard, D Co
Al Sandlin, D Co
Henry Sua
Robert Solvedt, C Co Linda Willis, HHC
Dave Young, C Co
May They Rest In Peace

2017 Reunion Message from Association Director Leo Farias

Fellow Vets/Association Members,

In mid-October I provided the Initial Notice for 31st Engineer Battalion 2017 Reunion which was a heads-up on our next reunion to be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 5-8 October 2017. My main goal then was to give you the opportunity to start your planning early and to give you the information needed to make your reservations at the reunion site, the Hotel Elegante Conference and Event Center.  Some of you have already made your reservations…that is appreciated.  Please note in the Invitation details that you must make your room reservations NLT 18 August 2017 in order to obtain the group rate(s).
For your information and planning I’ve included a three-page invitation package which consists of:  1) The Invitation; 2) the Draft Agenda; and 3) Additional Information supplementary to the Invitation and the Agenda.  Soon I will be contacting some of you, unless you volunteer first, to help plan/coordinate/perhaps oversee any of the following:  Registration, Hospitality Room operation, the proposed Friday evening Dinner Group outing, the Banquet, etc.  Charles Bruckerhoff will again be doing Group Photos.  The Agenda is a draft, so please study it carefully.  If you have any suggestions, ideas to improve our reunion, or any questions, let me know.
In mid-October I had several Mail Delivery Failures and have deleted the following from this group send:  Don Fleming, Greg Jennings, Lee Pelton, William Stockinger, Marty Salmonson, Charles “Wes” Slaughter, Maynard D. Copeland, and Alvin D. Spiker.  If anybody knows anyone listed, please help get them back in the loop for our reunion and communications.  Also, we have a battalion roster (also broken down by company) of our people who did not/may not have email.  The following group will be reaching out to find/contact them:  HHC- myself; A Co-Don Rusbult & Bob Mackey; B Co-Stephen Johnson & Cam McConnell; C Co-Fred Webb; D Co-Tony Janairo & Chuck Moseley.  Email addresses for these contact persons can be found at the To: listing for this email.
For your information, it is sad to report the following losses since our 2015 reunion: HHC-John Frye, Maint. Warrant, HHC Maurice Modisette, George Ingram, and Linda Willis (wife of Ed Willis); C Co-Rich Hopkins, Dave Young, Doyle Dietsch, and Robert Solvedt; and D Co-Al “Sarge” Sandlin.  Pray for the repose of their souls and may they RIP.
We will keep you posted on matters of importance between now and our reunion. Also, be aware that our website is available for viewing, getting updates on the reunion, seeing photos, and posting.  June Robbins, our Webmaster, is doing a commendable job.  We appreciate her.
A Christmas Blessing to all.  Let us give thanks for the gift of family, love, and our continued friendship within the 31st. Wishing you good health and looking forward to seeing you in Colorado.
Leonel (Leo) Farias
Association Director

2013 REUNION – LAS VEGAS NEVADA – October 3-6

Our reunion will take place at Palace Station in Las Vegas Oct. 3-6.  The schedule and instructions for making reservations can be found on the reunions page.

Note that we have until August 30 to get the special rates and they apply if you wish to arrive early or stay an extra day or two.  If we book a minimum number of rooms, we will get up to four room upgrades and discounts.  On August 31 we will raffle them off.

About the rooms, the Value Courtyard Rooms we visited are well maintained, have amenities such as TVs and irons, are connected to the hotel and will save you money, but they are smaller than the Luxury Tower Rooms.  Half of the Value Courtyard Rooms are on the second floor with no elevator.

If you wish to eat a meal at the hotel, we will be offered discount buffet meal coupons:

Breakfast (Monday – Saturday): $6.29 ($4.99+tax and 18% gratuity)

Lunch: (Monday- Saturday): $ 8.81 ($6.99+tax and 18% gratuity)

Dinner: $10.08 ($7.99+tax and 18% gratuity)

Sunday Brunch: $11.34 ($8.99+tax and 18% gratuity)

Also by August 30, please send a check to Warren Dubois made out to 31st Engineer Battalion Assoc. (address below) for the Saturday banquet so we can pay the catering bill.

If you are not currently a member and wish to join, make contact with Warren Dubois, 906 Virginia Drive, Salem, Mo. 65560.


If you have any questions about the reunion, send an email to